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Smart networked dual fuel service stations for electric vehicles


There is an abundance of clean wind and solar energy all around the world to produce green hydrogen and electricity sufficient to fulfill the UN's requirements under SDG 111, for cheap energy for all. A system like SmartNet could provide load levelling for national grids and infrastructure for EVs. The secret to any reliable system is simplicity.





The UK trademark application for the proposed SmartNet dual fuel service stations, was filed on the 12th of May 2021 by the Cleaner Ocean Foundation. The application was granted on the 1st of October 2021. These were the goods and/or services applied for in the original application, as granted in seven classes on the 1st of October 2021.


Applications for funding assistance, to protect the system with a patent were turned down in the UK. Brexit prevented any similar applications in Europe, under H2020 and other EU schemes. The workings thus remain proprietary, without the patent clock ticking. But we need new clean-tech champions all around the world, not so constrained. We'd suggest only filing for a patent on your concept, once suitably financed, and contracts for infrastructure supply are signed. Since there is only a 20 year window to recover investments under current patent laws. Unless, you wish to waive the right to such protections. All application to the JVH2 are accepted in strict confidence to preserve your rights.


You are encouraged to seek independent legal advice before entering into: Innovate UK (KTN), Horizon Europe, or similar grant funding competitions. The JVH2 offer no funding incentive, save for the prestige of being the first to achieve recognition, and a free Licence to use the names JVH2 World Hydrogen Trophy, and SmartNet, to attach to your concept - to assist in funding your project - and for use in a/any Business Plan.




12 - Electric vehicles; Vehicles (Electric -); Electric trucks [vehicles]; Electric land vehicles; Electrically operated vehicles; Electrically powered vehicles; Electrically powered motor vehicles; Electric drives for vehicles; Motors, electric, for land vehicles; Electric propulsion mechanisms for land vehicles; Vehicles; Vehicle cabs; Vehicle bodies; Coupling rings (non-electric -) [parts of motors for land vehicles]; Autonomous vehicles; Driverless [autonomous] motor vehicles; Autonomous cars; Driverless cars [autonomous cars]; Hydrogen fueled cars; Fuel cell cars; Fuel cell electric cars; Vehicles incorporating apparatus for loading; Self-loading vehicles; Load bearing sections for chassis frames of vehicles.





Certificate of Grant of Trademark for SmartNet hydrogen battery service stations       Trade Marks Registry - Certificate of Registration




 1 - Hydrogen.

 4 - Electricity; Fuels; Gas; Mixtures; Electrical energy from renewable sources.

 9 - EV batteries; Charging stations; Electric power distribution; Switching apparatus; Autonomous navigation computers.

12 - Electric vehicles; Trucks; Autonomous driverless cars; Hydrogen Fuel cell cars; Self-loading vehicles.

37 - Charging of EVs; Installation of gas supply & distribution apparatus; Building construction; Vehicle fueling services.

39 - Power supply and distribution of renewable energy & gas; Vehicle recovery; Electricity transmission.

42 - Design and development of energy and gas power distribution networks










Obtaining a trademark is encouraging, where they are renewable in perpetuity. Patents, on the other hand are priced out of reach of not for profit organizations, who only exist to promote green technology, in the quest for a sustainable planet. This is something we have asked the UK to look at, with no reply as yet from the World Intellectual Property Organization. Until then, keep your solutions confidential. All applications for a JVH2 hydrogen trophy are accepted in strict commercial confidence. To preserve the right to file for patent protection at the appropriate time. You can waive this right if you so wish.







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