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Elizabeth Swann - Jules Verne - World Hydrogen Challenge



RACE AGAINST TIME: This could have been another of Jules Verne's titles. But it is not a work of science fiction, it is a man-made problem today that even the master storyteller would have had trouble predicting. Despite our scientists telling us the global warming is at a crucial tipping point, world leaders are allowing the use of fossil fuels to superheat the planet with dire consequences. Jules was adamant that hydrogen would be a source of power for mankind in the future he envisioned. In our view he was bang on the money. Green hydrogen offers us a sustainable future, based on splitting water using electrolyzers, to recombine for heat or electricity. We can use renewable solar and wind power, to create a circular economy, without CO2 and other harmful gases and particulates. This clean energy source can drive our automobiles and ships, as a major brake on climate change. What is holding us back and why? The technology exists today! Given the opportunity, we would like to prove it to you. If it is possible to complete the build of the Elizabeth Swann above by 2024, it will be the 150th anniversary of his prediction in his 1874 book: The Mysterious Island.





Electricity is linked to chemistry and magnetism. The discoveries were made separately by different scientists and experimenters at different times, but soon as the modern world developed, engineers joined up the dots.


We now survive on electricity and could not do without it. We use it to heat and light our homes, run our factories and run just about everything with computers. We are in the modern age of electricity, thanks to pioneers like Alessandro Volta, Charles Coulomb, Andrè ampère, Michael Faraday, James Clerk Maxwell, Hans Christian Ørsted, James Watt, Charles-Augustin de Coulomb, Nikola Tesla, Joseph Henry, John Ambrose Fleming, Thomas Edison, John Hopkinson, Charles de Roemer, and in a very small way, even Rudyard Kipling, who harnessed power from a water turbine driven generator to power light bulbs in his home.


We are in the process of transitioning from fossil fuels, like coal and oil, to an all electric society, where even our cars, trucks, ships and aircraft, could soon be running on electricity, using fuels cells to conveniently convert hydrogen based fuels into power for propulsion - from renewable energy from nature.






The father of sceince fiction, Jules Verne



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